Dr. Bilic is a specialist in ophthalmology and an internationally licensed refractive surgeon, one of the first refractive surgeons of the region.

During her continuous process of specialization all over the world Dr.Bilic went to the fellowship training regarding the deseases of the anterior segment and microsurgery of the eye at the Georgetown University Hospital in  Washington D.C., USA for a period of four months.

Except the training  she was part of several scientific projects at the “Center for Sight” at the Georgetown University Hospital and at the “National Eye Institute” in Bethesda, Washington, D.C. During her two-months training at the “Universitats Augenklinik” in Tubingen, Germany, she specialized in inflammatory changes, eye immunology and microsurgery and for shorter periods of time she trained in several clinics in Barcelona, Sidney, Moscow and Nice.

She participated to a lot of training classes regarding the problems of the anterior segment of the eye and refractive surgery at the World Ophthalmological Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil and during the following years she was a speaker or a participant at national and european congresses about the cataract surgery and the refractive surgery.

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