Organicos, Centre of Natural Health

Kapucinska 44
31000 Osijek

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Organicos, Natural health, energy spine aupresure treatments, relaxation tretments, face and body rejuvenation treatmans.

The Natural Health Center is located in the center of Osijek. It is not only the first of this kind in Osijek, but also in Croatia.

The Natural Health Center Organicos is primarily a place of positive energy, designed to allow a break from the stressful lifestyle.

We know how stress affects our health, so we have rounded off our activity in the center starting of with  prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately educating clients about a happier and healthier life.

At the Center we have consolidated  TCM diagnosis, acupressure spine treatment, anti stress program, dietary supplements and acupuncture for weight loss and rejuvenation, and also health acupuncture. Our work is  based on traditional Chinese medicine which looks upon a person  from the point of integrity, as a whole.



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