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The Bilic Vision was founded by the Dr. Phd Nadežda Bilić, specialist in ophthalmology and an internationally licensed refractive surgeon, the first female refractive surgeon in Croatia and one of the pioneers of the laser eye surgery in the region. Dr. Bilić performes the diagnostics and the treatments of the most various eye deseases with the newest methods and technologies, with a team of specialized doctors for each segment of the eye.

Besides the ophthalmological visits, the diagnostics of the eye deseases, the cataract surgery, the retina laser treatments, the laser trabeculoplasty and the refractive surgery, we perform also surgeries on the posterior eye segment (vitrectomy) as well as the complete treatment of the retina deseases (Medical retina).

The polyclinic Bilic Vision can be proud of owning since 2011 the international certificate of quality ISO 9001 in the field of health care services. According to the ISO 9001 regulations we continued developing a system of quality control in our health care facility with the goal to better recognize and satisfy the demands and the expectations of our patients.

At the Bilic Vision we approch every patient like a person, we dedicate completely ourselves to him and with a professional care we lead him through all the stages and needs- from the first visit to the complete healing. For this reason thousands of people had confidence in the polyclinic Bilic Vision and, having the laser eye surgery, removing cataracts or undergoing another kind of treatment, they entered in the family of the satisfied patients of the Bilic Vision.

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