The cataract manifest itself in the half of the population older than 60. The cataract is the blurring of the lens as the result of the natural ageing process of the lens. The only way to cure the cataract is the surgical removal of the blurred lens . The procedure is under local anesthetic and the patient goes back home immediately after the surgery.

There's no need to wait for the cataract to mature, in fact  it's better to remove it at the beginning, because the lens is softer, the surgery lasts less and there's less possibility of complications. The surgery is performed first on one eye and then, after a periodo of usually 2 weeks, on the other. An intraocular lens is installed in the patient's eye, which replaces the natural removed lens.

The installed lens can be monofocal (only for the distance vision) or multifocal which allows a distance vision and a reading vision without glasses. The polyclinic Bilic Vision has the most advanced technology and excellent doctors who can help you too. Contact us, we can help you too!

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