Spine acupressure treatment

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Spine acupressure treatments combine the elements of TuiNa massage, meridians treatment and acupressure points along the spine. The treatment has the effect of removing the blockages along the spine (at the very origin), the flow of energy along the meridians increases, it balances all the elements and organs and blood circulation is increased along with the flow in the nervous system. It leads to a state when all the organs receive a greater amount of energy, food, oxygen, etc., for the first time, which reflects as an increase in energy, rebalancing and regeneration of the body. The treatment restarts the natural renewal system of the body, and so the body heals itself, starting with the most critical parts.

Also, treatment enhances our mental abilities, strengthens concentration, we become more productive in less time, more creative and therefore we increase our value.


Clinical studies have shown that acupressure provides results when dealing with



sinus problems,

pain in the neck and back,


muscle pain and

tension related to stress.

It's also effective with problems like insomnia, obesity, and poor circulation.

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