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Filomena spa & lifestyle club

Dear Guests, members and friends,
We invite you to relax in our treatments and spa services and lifestyle club. We will be honored by giving us an opportunity to convey to you a part of our knowledge and philosophy of life.
Aida and Matko Boban
About Us
Filomena spa & lifestyle club is situated in a unique location in the city of Split, just a few minutes drive from downtown, the area Žnjan Radoševac, near the coast and the largest urban beach. Approaching the club, it becomes obvious that it really is a small oasis of peace, discretely separated from view and bustle of city life alley of cypresses, poplars and oleanders. The garden which is decorated in Mediterranean style and Zen motifs also dominate peripheralMediterranean - olives, aromatic and relaxing lavender and other Mediterraneanplants, while in the green sea garden of the main emphasis on the natural rock, which we would like to associate the sea cliffs along the coast of what our rich region.
Thinking about the concept of spa and lifestyle club, we have carefully collected and acquired long experience in this field, and a number of times, like some arrows on the bow, returning back to the past - our roots and the roots of all people in the Mediterranean who have always been familiar with some of the main ideas that we have and we ran in the design concept of the club.
In life should be enjoyed, it is necessary to take care of your spirit and your body, to live life in harmony with nature and themselves to afford a few more "dense" so that we can cope with the challenges of everyday life brings. One person from our past, who was also aware of the peculiar rules was our great grandmother Filomena (1854th-1909th). The family remembers her as a polished lady, who has the knowledge and wisdom about healthy living and the need to establish a harmony of body and mind and life of Mediterranean people, in accordance with the climate in which we live gladly shared with family members, friends and acquaintances.
Considering that in families with older to the younger ones still carried its grains of wisdom, we chose to our first concept spa and lifestyle club wear her name.

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