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Organicos, Natural health, energy spine aupresure treatments, relaxation tretments, face and body rejuvenation treatmans.

The Natural Health Center is located in the center of Osijek. It is not only the first of this kind in Osijek, but also in Croatia.

The Natural Health Center Organicos is primarily a place of positive energy, designed to allow a break from the stressful lifestyle.


Health Center Novalja Services of family medicine, emergency medicine, emergency transport, laboratory diagnosis, physical medicine, dental medicine, patronage, gynecology and ophthalmology, HES, a psychiatrist ...

Medical examination - Diagnostic procedures - Medical therapy and treatment - Outpatient surgery - Zadar, Croatia

PANACEO Ltd. is a medical representative for 100% natural products PANACEO based on activated zeolites.They are applied for the natural detoxification of the body, but also as supportive therapy in immune-dependent diagnoses, and in severe disease, including cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Manual concepts in Ergovita are the McKenzie and Mulligan therapy.We use procedures of post-isometric muscles relaxation in combination with other methods of manual medicine.

Bowen therapy is a form of manual therapy in which therapist treats a certain points with gentle movements, mobilizes soft tissue and so runs relaxation processes and allows better functioning of the body.

Kinesiotaping is a unique method of bonding the special lanes in order to eliminate pain and increase the volume of motion. Therapeutic effect is the result of relieving the pressure on subcutaneous pain receptors.

We apply a comprehensive approach in the treatment of lymphedema clients who have these symptoms (primary lymphedema, secondary lymphedema).

Domnius Polyclinic is private Polyclinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.We specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic, rheumatological, neurological and degenerative diseases, conditions after surgery and sports injuries. For us, your health is on the first place!


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