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Protected as the first paleontological nature monument in Croatia, which dates to the period of 130,000 years ago.
The exhibition is specifically addressed the contribution of Croatian scientist Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger who first dealt with this significant collection. In the half-cave deposits were found around nine hundredths of human fossil bones, numerous stone tools from the Paleolithic period, the fossil remains of cave bears, wolves, moose, giant deer, toplodobnog rhinoceros, wild cattle and other animals, and visitors can experience in the lineup everyday Neanderthals just through links to the original findings.
The castle is now a museum with a permanent exhibition which is open to the public ambient, in the original function. Trakošćan is one of the few establishments in Croatia with preserved its own structure, history is closely tied to the architectural framework and a life of its owner. The museum has a valuable museum material from the Renaissance to Historicism, made of valuable collections of paintings, furniture, weapons and other items, which are constantly exposed to the original spatial areas, which present the history of aristocratic life and Trakošćana Draskovic family.