Polyclinic Smile

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We can offer you all dental services in one place – oral surgery with implantology, dental and aesthetic makeover, fixed and mobile prosthetics, classical stomatology, periodontology, pedodontics and orthodontics. 
The Polyclinic Smile is equipped with excellent panoramic and CT instruments as well as radiovisiographic instruments. This highly accelerates and facilitates an appropriate insight into the situation of your teeth and the surrounding structures. All this allows our dentists to work out precise and clear suggestions for solving your dental problems.


The aim of the polyclinic Smile is above all to guarantee security and quality of service to the patients. Moreover, the polyclinic Smile is the first polyclinic in this part of Europe which can declare itself as a certified polyclinic for implantology. A team of highly qualified specialists, constant investment in quality and staff education as „Master of oral medicine in implantology“ as the only one in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as "Specialist in Implantology" assigned by the German Board of Dental Implantology turn the polyclinic Smile into one of the most competent polyclinics for implantology in our region. 
The title „Master of oral medicine in implantology“ is the first academic title in line with international Bologna criteria. This title is accredited by the German Board of Dental Implantology and is being assigned after postgraduate studying and specialisation as well as a scientific master degree.
Based on more than 7800 placed dental implants, a highly qualitative equipment (diagnostics, CT, digital panorama, RVG, surgical equipment...) and a high level of qualification of our team, we are convinced that we can provide high quality combined with a guaranteed security of intervention.