CroMedicor platform features for Partners

Participation on the global market of health tourism!

CroMedicor is a unique and centralized place which assembles offer of Croatian health tourism market. Medical tourism is the most growing form of tourism in the world. It is form of tourism available 365 days a year. Due to innovative ways of connecting, CroMedicor platform connects medical and tourism facilities in a unique new offer "health tourism "!

New source of revenue - all for free!

More than 20 million users of health tourism annually travel through Europe and thereby achieve 120 million overnight stays. Right through CroMedicor platform is possible to achive recognition and visibility of your services on this large market. Also, participation on CroMedicor platform and publishing your content is completely free!

Presentation of your services

CroMedicor platform uses the most advanced online marketing opportunities through which presents total content on targeted foreign markets (Western Europe, USA, Russia, China). Online marketing is pursued through the social networks, Google and other web ads, sites for group purchasing and mobile technologies. Also, the presentation is done through the presence on foreign tourism fairs, cooperation with travel agencies and tourist boards, media and direct contact.

Direct reservation and booking

Services offered by your institution or company is possible to book directly from our site. Also, each user can send a request for more information about your services. In this way, you can acquire direct communication with potential buyers. In cooperation with Cromedicor team you can create specialized packages to offer health care and tourism. Our team is concerned for the overall marketing of this new product creation!

Content publication

Total content you want to present on a Cromedicor platform, you can enter by yourlself. It takes just to register and you can create all kinds of content that describes your product: texts, images, videos and other attachments such as Word and PDF documents.

Content translation into other languages

Also, you can completely independent translate all entered content. Currently supported languages are English, German and Italian. Also, if you don`t have prepared texts in foreign languages, you can always ask for professional translation services from CroMedicor team.

Business 2 Business

CroMedicor platform takes care of all partners by offering marketing and advertising for all content in order to extend the tourist season and increase number of guests and users of institutions. This is not only increasing efficiency and productivity of CroMedicor but also all of the partners. CroMedicor wants to achieve and offer some advantages for partners which can create separate and viable business entity!