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ROYAL MASSAGE , prices: 60 min - 290,00 Kn, 30 min - 150,00 Kn

A unique blend of stretching and deep muscle massage with stronger movements that stimulate metabolism in the body, contributing to improved elasticity of the body, releasing the fatigue and stimulating circulation. Custom blend of essential oils enhances the effect of massage. Custom-made blend of essential oils enhances the effect of the massage. It is intended for athletes and those who prefer a firmer massage and want to eliminate fatigue after strenuous activity.
60 min - 330,00 Kn
30 min - 150,00 Kn
This massage is designed for all lovers of luxury and genuine enjoyment. It combines the best massage techniques to treat painful and tense places and to encourage blood circulation and revitalize the body. Relaxing body massage is followed by harmonizing facial massage that promotes collagen production and helps maintain skin elasticity. It serves to accommodate the needs of the client. The client selects the desired balm to their own mood. The result is toned and radiant skin of the face and body.
90 min - 450,00 Kn
Gentle and soothing anti-stress massage for maximal relaxation. This form of massage combines long, gentle and slow movements with a careful selected blend of essential oils to promote the state of relaxation. Massage will give you a maximum relaxation and give you a sense of ease for a long time after treatment.
60 min - 330,00 Kn
No-Cellulite massage stimulates circulation, detoxifies harmful substances from the body and regenerates connective tissue. This works against cellulite and leads to its reduction and to achieving of a beautiful looking skin. In this massage the parts of the body witch are affected by cellulite (legs, buttocks, arms) are treated. Special emphasis is put on the body parts that tend to affect the exercise and are an integral part of the anti-cellulite program. Manual anti-cellulite massage adapts to the intensity of each client, depending on their preferences. 
45 min - 220,00 Kn
The beneficial effect of hot stones on the human body is known for ages. The volcanic stones are ideal for this type of a massage because of their long-term retention of heat. Massage with hot stones deeply relaxes tense and painful places, allowing for better circulation in the muscles and skin and it regenerates tissue. It has a beneficial effect against stress, insomnia, poor circulation, and completely revitalizes the entire body. 
90 min - 450,00 Kn
For those who love the smell and the benefits of the Mediterranean, this massage takes them into this wonderful world. In order to better prepare the skin for the massage, the treatment begins with specially prepared exfoliation that eliminates dead skin cells and prepares skin for a relaxing body massage. Massage oils are used with the essences of the Mediterranean that refresh, restore and nourish the skin tone of the body with memories of the Mediterranean. Exfoliation and massage oil with the essence of the Mediterranean.
75 min – 390,00 Kn

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