Ethno-village Kumrovec is only traditional interiors and Croatian Zagorje, which captures the visitors an authentic look Zagorje village from the early 20 century.

Krapina Neanderthal Museum with its architecture and exhibition stands alongside the world's most attractive museums, uniqueness is that a tour includes the original site Hušnjakovo which is the world's most famous site of Neanderthal man with the richest and most diverse fossil collection.

Peasants' Revolt Museum is a historical museum wich in its permanent has exhibition of objects, text and music showing the development of feudalism from the first written mention of the Croatian Zagorje and building castles by the end of the feudal period in Croatia and the Croatian national revival in the 19th stLocated in the baroque palace of the Counts Oršić, built in 1756th, permanent exhibition brings cultural and historical overview of the region from the late Middle Ages to the abolition of feudalism 1848th.

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