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Peasants' Revolt Museum is a historical museum wich in its permanent has exhibition of objects, text and music showing the development of feudalism from the first written mention of the Croatian Zagorje and building castles by the end of the feudal period in Croatia and the Croatian national revival in the 19th stLocated in the baroque palace of the Counts Oršić, built in 1756th, permanent exhibition brings cultural and historical overview of the region from the late Middle Ages to the abolition of feudalism 1848th.
The central part of the exhibition is devoted to the Peasant Revolt 1573rd, bloody saga of Stubica, whose leaders have always remained in the memory of the Croatian people. Here you can learn more about the aristocratic estates and fortresses, the Weapons Battalion and equipment and methods of warfare at the time Gubec revolt.Featured are also Oršić Counts, who had built the castle and left a visible mark in the history of this region.
The set monitors changes in the feudal estates in the 17th and 18 century and gallantly Baroque period revived the program as costumed leaderships, and the stories and legends associated with prominent members of noble families.
Set ends with the theme of the Croatian National Revival and Jelačić proclamation of the serfdom abolition.

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