Dr. Bilic is a specialist in ophthalmology and an internationally licensed refractive surgeon, one of the first refractive surgeons of the region.

During her continuous process of specialization all over the world Dr.Bilic went to the fellowship training regarding the deseases of the anterior segment and microsurgery of the eye at the Georgetown University Hospital in  Washington D.C., USA for a period of four months.

Prof.dr. sc. Olga Lulić Dukić, specialista della odontoiatria preventiva e pediatrica, la Professoressa universitaria ordinaria, con più di 35 anni dell'esperienza clinica ed attività scentifica.

Dr. Tamara Kovačević-Miksic, born in 1971. in Rijeka, School of Dentistry closed 1997th year with high grades. After passing the state exam and obtain licenses enrolled in a Masters of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. She constantly attends training seminars to provide her patients first class dental care. After 4 years of work in a private dental office, she opened his own, in 2001. A member of the Croatian Dental Chamber. A mother of two children, Mara and Dana. Former Croatian ski competitor, and current teacher of skiing. Recreational player of tennis, she enjoys scuba diving.

Dr. Damir Miksic, born in Switzerland 1972. Graduated the study of Dentistry in Rijeka 1997th with high grades. Completing the study, he continued to educating at home and abroad (Rijeka, Zagreb, Milan, Vienna ...) gaining knowledge of the world-renowned professors such as Dr. Lindh, Dragoo, MD Jovanovich, dr. Curilović and many others. Member of the Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Society for Implantology and is part of the Croatian Nobel Biocare team.Owner of license for implant systems Nobel Biocare and Astra. He writes articles and columnes for the magazine Exchange.

Ana Trupeljak, born 1984. in Zagreb. After graduating from dental high school in 2002nd, she enrolled in the School of Dentistry ending 2008th year. 2009 enrolled in postgraduate studies in dental medicine. Davorka Matkovic
Davorka graduated in 1985. at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb.  From 1990., after her internship and professional exams, she has successfully ran her own private practice until 2012.

Santa Vecerina Volic is a Professor at the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine, Croatia. She is a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and subspecialist in phoniatry. Prof. dr. sc. Vecerina Volic graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Professor at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb
Prof Dr Sc Josip Unusic was born in Split, where he went to the Classical High School. He graduated in 1964 at the School of Medicine at the University of Zagreb.

Dr Dinko Toncic has been applying his experience and knowledge of aesthetic surgery in Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic for the past ten years.

If you pace trust in Dr. Rajko Toncic, you have chosen an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has performed more than 15,000 operations in his surgical practice of 35 years.