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PANACEO the line of medical products that are based on the activated zeolite.PANACEO secret lies in the exceptional natural characteristics of zeolites and unique method of applied modern tribomechanical proceedings of its micronization and activation, which is multiplied manifold properties of natural zeolite, and other natural medicinal substances within PANACEO products.
Zeolite is a rare natural mineral of volcanic origin, derived from 4 elements: earth, fire, air and water. It`s the product of multimillenium chemical process - a natural reaction between the condensed steam and volcanic ocean water, in the specific geological conditions. Zeolite has a cage structure with a strong negative charge which attracts the positive cations and adsorbes heavy and radioactive metals and other carcinogenic and toxic substances. In addition to strong detoxication effect, hundreds of scientific studies have demonstrated the specific mechanisms of zeolite`s healthy actions. In addition to its known medicinal properties, zeolite clinoptilolite has ability to incapsule fitopharmacological substance in its cage structure, and that the same is transported to the cell level, without the danger of their damage in metabolic reactions.In this way, besides the well-known medicinal properties of the activated zeolite clinoptilolite, an additional therapeutic effect is achieved and established through a strong synergistic effect of zeolite and traditional medicines, which are composed of individual Panacea Products (Boswelia sacra, OPC, acerola, pussy, gingko biloba, guarana, green tea, bilberry, nettle, etc.) All substances, minerals and vitamins are 100% natural, no animal products.
Who can have benefits from PANACEO?
The product line PANACEO is recommended as adjuvant therapy for patients suffering from tumors, cancer, neurodegenerative, viral, autoimmune and skin diseases. The product line PANACEOhealth detoxifying the body and thus manifold contributes to the health of every modern man, woman, a child whose body burden of toxins, viruses, allergens, carcinogens and other harmful substances, which deprive the body immunity, energy and vitality and make a great health hazard: product line PANACEOsport releases energy, reduces blood lactate levels and other undesirable toxins, protects against physical and mental stress, speeds recovery, increases stamina and improve athletic performance. more at:

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