Poliklinika Simbex

Koranska 16
10000 Zagreb

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The SimBex Polyclinic provides the services of prevention, diagnostics and medical treatment by urologist, gynaecologist, internist-cardiologist, haematologist and orthomolecular medicine nutritionist BSc.
The team of specialist at the SimBex Polyclinic, consisting of a urologist, a gynaecologist, an internist-cardiologist and a haematologist, as well as other physicians associates, provide for an individual approach to each patient, with guaranteed discretion and quality of service.
In the pleasant interior of the SimBex Polyclinic, services are provided on modern medical equipment and its physicians will try to make medical procedures more transparent through a gentle and patient approach.
The medical equipment in the clinic and the access to the clinic are adjusted to mobility-impaired and physically challenged persons. The SimBex Polyclinic is a contracted clinic of the supplement health insurance with Addenda and Grawe.
Within polyclinic there is practice of Orthomolecular medicine:
Orthomolecular medicine is form of complementary medicine. Main goal is to prevent diseases and attain optimal health using nutrients from food or as nutritional supplements. There are lot of functional tests like food intolerance, organic acids, nutrient and toxic elements, complete stool analysis and many more.
Do you have problems loosing weight in spite of everyday workouts and strict diet? Solution to your problems is lying in Orthomolecular medicine and functional tests. With these kinds of tests you can find out what is going on with your metabolism, is there some vitamin or mineral missing or you have food intolerance which is blocking your body to loose weight.
For additional information about Orthomolecular medicine and tests, e-mail me at: [email protected].

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