Polyclinic Domnius

Nova cesta 52
10000 Zagreb

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Polyclinic Domnius is Polyclinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In a pleasant atmosphere you will find our expert teams consisting of professional and valuable members of medical specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, senior physiotherapists and nurses.
Quick and quality service, personal approach and expert advice - we will take care of all your health problems.

We specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation:
-                 orthopedics, rheumatology,
-                 neurological and degenerative diseases, conditions after surgery and sports injuries.
We can do all forms of physical therapy:
-                 Interferential electrotherapy and diadynamic electricity, electroplating, TENS, electro muscle; COMPEX
-                 Ultrasound therapy
-                 Magnetic therapy
-                 LASER THERAPY
-                 Kinesitherapy
-                 Bobath Therapy
-                 PNF
-                 Occupational Therapy
-                 Medical gymnastics: a collective exercise, exercises for the spine, exercises for  osteoporosis, exercise on balls
-                 Medical Massage
-                 LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE
-                 AROMAMASSAGE
Specialist examination is performed in an ambulatory or in patient's home.

Polyclinic Domnius doesn't work with HZZO from 01.07.2013.


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