Dental Practice "Dr.Kaknjo"

Crkvice Lamela C
72000 Zenica

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Dental Practice "Dr.Kaknjo" was established in April 2005 in Zenica, 2007 clinic is fully modernized, so now we have the most modern equipment and we are able to perform the most complex dental procedures.All instruments and drills were completely sterilized in an autoclave class B according to European standards and packaged in special individual sterile package for each patient.All treatments are completely painless because we use 4% artikain for the anesthetic (anesthetic last generation) with low traumatic karpul needles that are twice thinner than the thinnest conventional needles.We also perform so called interligamental anesthesia, which is particularly suitable for inflammatory conditions and patients with high tolerance for anesthetic, so there are no patients on wich we can`t perform a completely painless procedure.

Dental Practice Dr.Kaknjo offers services in the field of modern dentistry:conservatives, periodontics, restorations, veneers, prosthetics, cad-cam prosthetics, implants, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry   and aimed at general health, healthy teeth and beautiful smile. We are confident that you will carry nothing less than a beautiful smile and healthy teeth out of our practice!
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