Complete list of direct flights to Croatia


All air routes in one place!

To aid the users of the CroMedicor platform, and in fact all those planning to travel to Croatia, we have put together a unique list of ALL direct flights to Croatia from all major EU cities. Although there are plenty of websites dedicated to finding a flight for a given route between two cities, it has never been possible to search only by the place of arrival or only by the city of departure – you always needed to choose both. So it was unnecessarily difficult and time consuming to find all connections and choose the one that suits you best. Not anymore!

The team at CroMedicor has done some hard work researching all possible direct connections between airports in Croatia and in the EU, so you can find all of them in a convenient and sortable list. With this interactive table you can sort the list of direct flights by selecting in the header row either the airline company, city of departure, or the city of arrival in Croatia.

We believe to have gathered more than 90% of all existing direct routes, but if you find our list to be incomplete or incorrect, feel free to contact us so we can keep it up to date for all to use and enjoy!