New CroMedicor partner - Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic


Cosmetic surgery that suits patients’ needs

Surgical team headed by Dr Rajko Toncic is highly skilled. Dr Toncic’s education is extensive, and he regularly attends Croatian and international congresses and conferences related to cosmetic surgery and pertaining medical areas. His skills and proficiency have been constantly improved during years in surgical practice. Dr Toncic opened his cosmetic surgery practice in 1987. He was the first in Croatia and the region to open private cosmetic surgery. The current surgical team headed by Dr Toncic has been working together for over 10 years.

cromedicor-dr--rajko-toncic "Beside professionalism and individual approach, we pay special attention to details. Perfectionism in performing cosmetic surgery procedures is the criteria our team is always faithful to. Therefore, we never finish the surgery until the best possible result is achieved. Our patient is on the first place in our clinic, starting from the first contact, consultation and operation itself, until the final recovery."

— - Dr. Rajko Tončić, kirurg

>>Treatments of Dr Toncic Clinic

By establishing a partnership agreement between CroMedicor and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic we have the privilege to offer special discounts on combined treatments to all patients who book a treatment through the CroMedicor platform.
It is most common to combine a major aesthetic treatment with one minor procedure. For the same price we include the expense of the operation as well as anaesthesia, implants (if they are required by the procedure). Since antibiotics are not often necessary, they are charged additionally as needed. There are many available combinations of surgical procedures, the following combinations are most popular:

    • Breast enlargement + nose / ear / eyelid surgery
    • Leg liposuction + nose / ear / eyelid surgery
    • Breast enlargement + breast lift

List of all treatments performed at Dr Toncic Clinic:

Aesthetic procedures on the face and neck
- Rhinoplasty
- Otoplasty
- Blepharoplasty – cosmetic eyelid surgery
- Facelift
- Mini lift or s-lift
- Forehead lift
- Chin liposuction
Aesthetic procedures on the body
- Breast augmentation
- Breast lift
- Female breast reduction
- Male breast reduction
- Stomach liposuction
- Liposuction of legs
- Abdominoplasty – tummy tuck
- Brachioplasty
- Labioplasty
Small surgical procedures
- Removal of various outgrowths on the skin (warts, moles and atheromas or skin tumors with a low maligni degree)
Enlarged leg veins surgery
Surgical procedures on the hand and arm
- Cubital tunnel syndrome
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
Other surgical procedures
- Tattoo and scar removal
- Injection furrow therapy
Non-surgical wrinkle treatments
- Injectable wrinkle treatments (Botox)
- Wrinkle treatments using fillers
- Chemical peel
- Mechanical dermabrasion

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