Dubrovnik – The Adriatic pearl is also interesting during the winter

Among them was Dubrovnik, whose photograph decorated the front page and the article.

As Croatian national air carrier Croatia Airlines has this year been connecting Dubrovnik and Paris with a direct line throughout the year, it would be a shame not to visit the town which was visited this year by more than a million tourists, writes Le Figaro. Considering the summer is over and autumn temperatures vary from 14 to 19 degrees Celsius, visitors can continue enjoying the museums, monuments, restaurants and bars which are still open.

Apart from Dubrovnik, the French paper recommends the Italian cities Trieste and Naples, the Spanish Valencia, Bonifacio on Corsica and the Marocan Tangier.

Recognition for the `winter` Dubrovnik was almost simultaneously given by the French specialised paper Le Quotidien du Tourism, which put the pearl of south Croatia in the 15th place on the list of attractive winter destinations, pointing out how this is surprising as this city was not even in the top one hundred last year.