Esthetic surgery

One of extremely successful treatments performed by Dr Toncic and his team is breast lift operation. This procedure enables lifting of sagging breasts into normal,higher position.

Breast augmentation is considered to be relatively minor but very effective cosmetic surgery procedure. Although it is technically rather simple, this operation requires surgeon’s sense of proportion and shaping.

Chin liposuction is considered a minor but very effective cosmetic surgery procedure. This is an aesthetic procedure that is regularly performed in our clinic, and the results we achieve are very successful.

Mini lift is a surgical procedure that we successfully perform on patients with excess skin in the area of midface and lower part of the face, if their skin in the neck area is still in good shape.

Forehead lift is performed either as an individual procedure or with the complete face lift operation. Whether the forehead lift will be performed individually or with the face lift will be determined according to the ageing signs that might be present only on the forehead or on the whole face-

Facelift is the most demanding cosmetic surgery procedure. It requires extensive surgeon’s experience as well as patient’s cooperation and patience during recovery phase.

In our 40-ies, we sometimes start noticing fatigue on the face. If this tired appearance doesn’t disappear even after a longer period of rest, the cause of this can be found in sagging or swollen eyelids or in fatty pads that have suddenly appeared below the eyes.

Small symmetric ears, pressed close to the head contribute to the harmony of the face, as does a symmetrical nose. Ear deformation is a common aesthetic imperfection, which can easily be noticed even on a newborn child.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most elegant, sophisticated and, for a cosmetic surgeon, most demanding operations.
Opinion polls conducted on patients who have undergone rhinoplasty¸ mostly young people, show that after their operation they experience increased confidence and become more active.

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