Manual massage in Ergovita

Medical Center: 

-                 Medical Massage
The method of physical therapy that uses a series of systematic movement on the surface of the body for manipulation of body tissues to reduce pain and help in acquiring or maintaining the function of the musculoskeletal system of the body. Implemented as a complete full-body massage for 60 minutes and as a partial for the affected parts of the body for 30 minutes.

-                 Aroma massage
A special relaxing or energizing atmosphere provided by a combination of essential oils and traditional massage lasting 60 minutes. We only use high quality natural oils.

-                 Sports Massage
Sports Massage is a massage focused on the muscles and body parts that are exposed to stress training. Sports massage speedes up recovery after a workout, warm up and soften the tissue   improves circulation, speeds up the discharge of waste and lactic acid from the body.Sports Massage keeps muscles healthy, flexible, less prone to injury, increases range of motion, strength of injured muscles, speeds up the process of strengthening, improving blood flow and makes us more willing to make new and better results in sports challenges.
-                 Manual lymphatic drainage
Form of massage where slow movements helps to eliminate excess body fluids.Spended   in medical and cosmetic purposes.The duration of lymph drainage depends on the part of the body and the indications for drainage (condition after mastectomy, tired and swollen feet, swelling after cosmetic surgery), and it may take 30 or 60 minutes.

-                 Anti-stress massage
Anti-stress treatment in the stool (also called a "chair-massage" and "Aku-massage"), a treatment in which the therapist select massage techniques in a specially designed chair for relaxation, treats back, neck, head, shoulder and hand rim. Continuous application provides: preventive effect on the problems of the musculoskeletal system, soothing and relaxing the nervous system, discharge of harmful products of metabolism from the body and increase concentration. Duration 25 minutes.
-                 Massage for pregnant women and freshly mothers
A relaxing body massage with aromatic oils, which are allowed in pregnancy and the period when a woman breastfeeds. Massage is a professional and carried by therapists familiar with the specifics of massage in that particular period of life.Duration 60 minutes.
-                 Reflexology foot massage
Complete treatment for tired and sore feet with a positive effect on the rest of the body is our treatment of "mini spa". Treatment consists of aroma massage baths and reflexology foot massage. Duration 50 minutes.
-                 Aroma Anti-cellulite massage
Intensive legs massage with and anti-cellulite aroma oils using handheld massager Jack Knobbera which further increases the mechanical effect of massage. Duration 20 minutes.
-                 Yumeiho massage (therapy)
Yumeiho is a type of Japanese massage / therapy.The main goal of Yumeiho therapy is to correct the position of the pelvic region and setting the correct position of the spine and other joints in the body. Duration of the massage will be 45 minutes in children and under 90 minutes in adults. The widest application of Yumeiho massage is in children with problems of poor posture, scoliosis, kyphosis.
-                 Bowen Massage (Therapy)
Bowen therapy is a form of manual therapy at which a therapist with the gentle movements treats body parts on a certain point, mobilizes soft tissue, and thus runs relaxation processes and allows better functioning of the whole organism.One treatment may last 25-45 minutes. We apply the therapy for treatment of infant colic, headaches / migraines, stomach problems, painful conditions in pregnancy, problems related to neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease), allergies, and treatment people with problems related to the temporomandibular joint and all the aches and pains of the spine, joints, muscles.

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