Dr. Bilic is a specialist in ophthalmology and an internationally licensed refractive surgeon, one of the first refractive surgeons of the region.

During her continuous process of specialization all over the world Dr.Bilic went to the fellowship training regarding the deseases of the anterior segment and microsurgery of the eye at the Georgetown University Hospital in  Washington D.C., USA for a period of four months.

The cataract manifest itself in the half of the population older than 60. The cataract is the blurring of the lens as the result of the natural ageing process of the lens. The only way to cure the cataract is the surgical removal of the blurred lens .

The laser eye surgery is a revolutionary method accepted all over the world to get rid of glasses and the other vision aids. The most performed methods for the laser eye surgery are the LASIK and the PRK and both of them have the same results in the correction of the sight.

Health Center Novalja Services of family medicine, emergency medicine, emergency transport, laboratory diagnosis, physical medicine, dental medicine, patronage, gynecology and ophthalmology, HES, a psychiatrist ...

Medical examination - Diagnostic procedures - Medical therapy and treatment - Outpatient surgery - Zadar, Croatia

Professionalism, ethics and the highest technology Zagreb - Split - Rijeka - Čakovec - Osijek Medikol Clinic, seated in Voćarska 106, Zagreb, 2005. and all branches is an Health institution with a renowned certificates ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 for health services in all 18 activities.

Ophthalmic Practice: overview and applications of all types of contact lenses, general ophthalmology, corneal topography, field of view.Gastroenterology: examinations, abdominal ultrasound, gastroscopy and colonoscopy with or without anesthesia, tests for Helicobacter pylori.

The Bilic Vision is a prestigious croatian ophthalmological polyclinic with a 20 years tradition and more than 75.000 satisfied patients. More of 75% of the patients who came at the Bilic Vision did it due to the good recommendations of other people and so our slogan is justified: Bilic Vision – a name we know, doctors we trust.

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