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This process of natural body healing was developed before more than 25 years by the Japanese physician Dr. Kenzo Kase.

A bar is pretty different from the standard sports taping whose function is to restrict movement. Function of Kinesiotaping is to allow movement odice or stretching of muscles and thereby allow faster regeneration processes in the affected area.

Four important functions of Kinesiotaping are:
1.Supports muscles - improves muscle contraction in weakened muscles, reduces muscle fatigue, reduces extended and voltage for muscle spasms, reduces the occurrence of muscle injury, increases range of motion and relieves pain
2.Improves the flow of bodily fluids - improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces inflammation and improves cellular metabolism
3.Reduces pain - activates spinal and descending inhibitory systems
4.Corrects the position of joints - correcting imbalance caused by muscle spasm and shortening, normalized muscle tone, improves range of motion and reduced pain

The method has no side effects, it is not harmful, it can be applied to all age groups and for all diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Application of Kinesiotaping, in combination with other physiotherapy techniques, contributes to the success of treatment, training and rehabilitation.

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