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McKenzie concept - treatment of mechanical spine problems. McKenzie concept involves diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that are used to mechanically induced functional disorders of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

To solve spinal pain syndromes with the McKenzie concept you need:
-                 earlier intervention
-                 active participation of the patient during treatment
The role of the physiotherapist is to educate patients about the proper positions when standing, sitting and lying down and teach him proper exercises and motivating for their daily practice.
McKenzie method must be understood as a combination of manual treatment and active participation by the patient previously received instructions of physiotherapists.
Mulligan - mobilization of joints and spine
Mulligan Concept is a type of manual therapy - mobilization, which is performed for spine pain and painful joints, conditions after injuries.Mulligan concept achieves results in the treatment of joints, outjoint structures, their mobility and functions. The treatments are mostly aimed at reducing pain, catalyze joint mobility and stability.
Slight pressure on the articular surface along with the ongoing movement of that part of the body, currently decrease the pain and increase the mobility.
Postisometric muscle relaxation (PIR)
PIR is one of the most effective method used for muscle relaxation and physiotherapy. This is the process by which the manual medicine is used to prepare the muscles before the mobilization - manipulation.

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