Facial care treatments

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AROMA PURITY FACIAL ( depending on skin type)
This facial treatment is recommended as an introductory facial treatment to maximize the cleansing of the face and prepare for the upcoming nourishing. The treatment removes all the impurities from the skin. It includes a gentle exfoliation, skin softening with steam, expression and purifying masks customized to a particular skin type and final cream to feed the skin with light massage movements.
75 min - 220,00 Kn
ARISTOS AROMA FACE RITUAL (depending on skin type)
This is a ritual facial massage treatment with essential oils which add to achieving the maximum effect of a treatment, and meet the needs of your skin, extremely relaxes you because it involves opening with a back massage using hot bottle for a better and faster relaxation with a combination of various massage movements throughout the treatment. This treatment nourishes regenerates, purifies and stimulates your skin and completely relaxes your body. 
60 min – 330,00 Kn
Aroma Age Defense treatment is designed for mature skin, from which we want to remove signs of aging and prevent the creation of new ones. The treatment is specific for its specialized products with high concentration of valuable components and regenerative effect on skin tone, in combination with a special facial massage works very rejuvenating and encourages skin renewal. To achieve the maximum effect it is recommended that a larger number of treatments are done depending on skin condition.
75 min - 450,00 Kn
The quickest way to refresh and regenerate your skin and to get a fresh and radiant glow! The combination of massage tehniques,essential oils,herbal products and cocoa extrakt allows faster circulation and feeding of the skin cells,which makes this treatment unique.
30 min – 220,00 Kn
* Expression is additional to every treatment
30 min – 50,00 Kn

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