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As the pace of life in today's considerably faster due to less than 20 years, it has become essential to get the right information fast and easily.


What is CroMedicor?

CroMedicor connects health care institutions, their doctors and specific treatments with the entire Croatia tourist offer. Begining from hotels, private accommodation and other life content that you should not miss while you are on your stay in Croatia.

CroMedicor wants to promote Croatian tourism as well as high quality and affordable health care offer on foreign markets, which CroMedicor makes connecting a variety of exclusive content and availability in different languages as well as in conjunction with the connecting with tourist boards abroad as the Republic of China, Japan and the middle east countries.


What does CroMedicor bring to you?

Problems at work, tense situations from everyday life, aren't explicit health issues but as well as health problems they can also be diagnosed you can do something to make you life easier.

CroMedicor wants to primarily help people in all their life and health problems as providing the best information on wellness and relaxation treatments for the whole body through a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures and even the specific surgical procedures.

You can also find information about the doctor who performes the specific treatment and find out why is that clinic and that docot the one that's right for you!

In addition, as the waiting for treatment or after the treatment, you are not alone, CroMedicor wants to offer you the possibility to find quality accommodation and transportation in the medical institution vicinity with a review of other interesting attractions you can visit during your stay in Croatia!

Browse, find something to match your taste and experience the Croatian natural beauties!


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