Medical Centers

Medical Centers

Our team combines the latest knowledge of medical diagnostic, genetics, prevention and treatening with the purpose of a unified approach to anti-aging ..   

Organicos, Natural health, energy spine aupresure treatments, relaxation tretments, face and body rejuvenation treatmans.

The Natural Health Center is located in the center of Osijek. It is not only the first of this kind in Osijek, but also in Croatia.

The Natural Health Center Organicos is primarily a place of positive energy, designed to allow a break from the stressful lifestyle.


Health Center Novalja Services of family medicine, emergency medicine, emergency transport, laboratory diagnosis, physical medicine, dental medicine, patronage, gynecology and ophthalmology, HES, a psychiatrist ...

If you find bath and sauna with dental examinaton an interesting combination, Tuheljske Toplice in heart of Zagorje is just a place for you.

Practice is very close to the border with Slovenia and it deals with cosmetic dentistry, acceptable prices.

Center for dental medicine Orto-Nova opened its doors in 2009, at an easily accessible location in Kantrida - Rijeka, Croatia. The center has 8 fully equipped offices, X-ray and 3D CT and own dental laboratory in modern and comfortable surroundings with a view of the Kvarner bay.

Dental Practice Detour is contemporary and modern, a wide range of high quality materials and innovative approaches will satisfy even the most demanding patients.

Vrsalovic Dental Studio is one of the most modern and professional dental offices in Croatia. We are located in Split – a Mediterranean city on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, centered around the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian and its bay and port.

Dr. Vesna Ivic-Rakun owns private dental practice since 1995. and has continually adopted latest technologies to offer better dental health to her patients.