Why Croatia


Croatia is cheaper

It seems like the world is getting smaller by the year. Going to another country for a medical treatment doesn’t require month of planning and has become quite common. That, in turn, has enabled each patient to find the best and most affordable treatment for him or herself in the truly global market of medical tourism. Going abroad for a treatment has numerous advantages, especially when seeking an aesthetic cosmetic treatment for which prices can vary significantly from one country to another. On the other hand, quality of medical service is even more important than overall price, and it can be very difficult to find a clinic in another county you can entrust with your health.

Croatia, as a West European country, holds the highest standards for private medical practices but has much lower prices for all services than other countries in that region. The difference in price is most notable for more expensive medical treatments. For instance, one dental implant done in the UK would set you back 1.800 EUR, in Italy the price would be around 1.600 EUR, while the same treatment performed in a renowned Croatian dental clinic would cost just 800 EUR. For patients from the UK that means a 1.000 EUR in savings! Generally, for any sort of medical service and treatments, you can expect the price to be 50% to 70% less than in other western countries.

Croatia guarantees quality

Is it true that the lowest price leads to poorest quality? Our experience, and probably yours too, tells us that that is usually the case. Although Croatian prices are much lower than the European or North American standard, they still remain higher than medical prices you can get in some Asian and South American countries. But chances are, that in those places you won’t find a clinic with, highly educated, experienced and world renowned doctors, nor one which is equipped with the latest medical equipment and employs kind and helpful medical staff that speaks your language. At CroMedicor you can be sure to avoid all similar negative possibilities of medical tourism and we will not even consider comparing ourselves with any service which is below the highest standards. All clinics on the CroMedicor platform have passed a rigorous certification process and we can guarantee that each facility is at the highest hygienic, communicational and medical level.

Croatia is a country with a rich healthcare tradition. Our doctors are schooled at the highest global standards and continue to expand their knowledge at international conferences and respected universities, and CroMedicor partners only with the best. The doctors in our system are leaders and innovators in their respected fields and with their knowledge, experience and reputation offer the highest quality medical service. At CroMedicor we partner with the world renowned institutions as is the Milo Clinic in the famous London’s Harley Street. Founder of the clinic, Dr. Milojevic, also known as “The botox king”, is one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons in the world. Since we have gathered all the best clinics and doctors in the region, you can consider CroMedicor to be your virtual Croatian Harley Street!

Croatia is easy to get to

Right between the Mediterranean and the Alps, Croatia is situated in the heart of Europe. From the EU it’s easy to come to Croatia through neighbouring countries like Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, is located 268 km (166 miles) from Wien, 996 km (619 miles) from Berlin, and 516 kn (321 miles) from Rome. A direct flight from London to Zagreb takes about 2h and 20 minutes, from Paris to Zagreb it’s only 2 hours, just as from Amsterdam. You can check our compiled list of all direct flights to Croatia and find the best air route and airline for your needs.

Croatia is a wonderful place to visit

There aren’t many places in the world where you can find so much natural beauty and diversity in one easily accessible area like in Croatia. The Adriatic Sea is famous for its pristine clarity, and the gorgeous coastline scattered with charming fishing villages and medieval towns, like the amazing city of Dubrovnik, attracts millions of tourists every year. Croatia’s rich historical and cultural heritage will amaze anyone with an explorer’s spirit, while the adventurous types who appreciate the natural wonders will enjoy various outdoor activities. Although it is worth it to visit Croatia just for the savings on cheaper medical treatments, it would be a shame not to see at least some of its natural wonders and cultural landmarks. The continental region is the perfect place to explore picturesque villages, ancient castles and ruins, as well as indulge in some of the many mountaineering paths. All those looking for an extraordinary dining experience cannot miss the fish specialities and magnificent black wines of Dalmatia region or truffles and white wine from Istria. And to insure your trip is well arranged, through the CroMedicor platform you can easily book accommodation in a hotel or an apartment, as well as various transportation services within the country.

There are clear advantages for wellness trips to Croatia as well, weather to rejuvenate the body or as a means to speed up recovery after a medical procedure. And if you are concerned about discretion, it’s a great idea to get a cosmetic treatment done in Croatia and combine it with a relaxing vacation. That way, when you get back no one will suspect you had something done, rather, your friend and co-workers will be amazed how much younger you look after the vacation.