Everything about health tourism in Croatia !

CroMedicor.com online platform is created in the purpose of promoting and establishing Croatia as a top global destination for health tourism. This platform is a place that, in a unique way, connects top medical institutions, doctors and their treatments with tourism and other interesting contents that Croatia offers to its guests. The platform is primarily built with the aim of providing better information about treatment to foreign and domestic customers and allowing direct booking of all treatments presented on the platform as well as accommodation bookingin the vicinity of the selected health facilities. In addition to accommodation offer, CroMedicor.com offers information and booking of other tourist attractions and transport services. Also, each user can send a request for more information about services of individual health facilities and in this way over CroMedicor platform achieve direct communication between patient and doctor. In cooperation with travel agencies, CroMedicor.com will soon present specialized packages that will offer health and tourism services and in this way create uniqe Croatian health tourism product competitive in foreign markets.

CroMedicor team constantly works on promotion of platform and all its contents. Main goal is better promotion on foreign markets through usage of most sofisticated online marketing features (social networks, online ads, specialized sale websites, specific health portals, personal contacts). All these activities are postulates for launching on large foreign markets such as Europe, USA, Russia, China and Middle East countries. Platform innovation is also recognized in international medical/helath tourism circles. Immediately after the platform launching news of the launch was carried by the world's leading online portals for health tourism "TheInternational Medical Travel Journal" and "Treatment Abroad"!