Selce - 130 years of tourism tradition

Its encircled urban complex with characteristic architecture of a small seaside resort: walking pathways, beaches, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, art galleries and luxury stores, make it approachable to every guest looking for a pleasant and entertaining holiday.

The mild Mediterranean climate, with more than 2500 sunny hours per year makes it pleasant to stay there during all seasons. Thanks to the climate, the resort has developed the ideal conditions for the treatment of people with heart disease as well as rheumatic and respiratory problems. It also has the highly qualified Thermal Baths Selce for physical medicine and rehabilitation of sports injuries where many famous names from the world of sports have been treated.

Selce offers clean air and water with an average summer temperature of 23 degrees, the bathing season from May to October and modern beaches which have for several years been flying the European Blue Flag. Those who like active holidays are offered water sports, scuba diving and fishing tourism.

Accommodation is offered in five hotels (Marina, Selce, Esperanto, Varaždin and FC), two campsites, family lodgings and a large number of rooms and apartments in private homes.

Selce also offers day trips to the surrounding sites of interest regardless of the distance. The relatively small area of the Primorje-Gorje County offers the mountain winter resorts of Gorski Kotar, coastal tourist towns and a group of Kvarner islands. Other interesting sites are Vinodol and a visit to the remains of castles Frankopan - Drivenik, Grižane, Bribir and Novi Vinodolski. The National Park Plitvice Lakes and Risnjak are close at hand, and visitors are recommended to take a boat trip to Vrbnik and a panoramic boat ride across the Vinodol Channel and alongside the island of Krk.

The first tourists came to Selce in around 1880 and were drawn to it by the pleasant climate and the sea air. This prompted a number of locals to establish a Cooperative Sea-bathing Resort, which in 1894 built the first wooden bathing area.