World tourism day

Biodiversity is a key factor in tourism and the basis for sustainable development. Intact and healthy ecosystems are the mainstay for thousands of tourist companies and products throughout the world, and attract hundreds of millions of tourists every year.

The development of tourism in Croatia should be based on sustainability and conservation of biodiversity. It is therefore our duty to protect the future of all we have, said Tourism Minister Damir Bajs on occasion of World Tourism Day, which this year's theme is "Tourism and Biodiversity".

Since all the Croatian national parks and nature parks work on a commercial basis, the Minister pointed out that in this way, tourism helps to protect nature and said that Croatia "will not fall into the trap of quick profit and therefore will not allow the destruction of their natural beauty" .
"Croatia will maintain its position as recognizable ecological destination" - that was confirmed by the president of the Committee for Environmental Protection of the Croatian Parliament Marijana Petir, adding that the World Tourism Day a great opportunity to show the beauty of Croatia.

The real test will be next season. Europe's tourism is not expected to  grow. Can Croatia beat the forecast? I was not ever a pessimist, however, circumstances that are before us show that we need a serious preparation, we have to figure out what we are facing in the coming years, "he Bajs.

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year 27th September, and Croatia is celebrating it since 2004. year.