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The Obagi Nu-derm system and the Obagi Blue peels are transforming the world of chemical skin peeling. The ideal areas to treat with the Obagi Nu-Derm system and the Obagi blue peel are: the face and neck. Peels are used to rejuvenate the skin, improve skin quality, remove wrinkles, improve acne scarring and to remove sun spots as well as mild and severe pigmentations.
What makes the Obagi system so special is its use of active ingredients:  hydroquinone and tretinoin. Hydroquinone stops the melanocytes in the skin from producing any more pigment, and the tretinoin, which is a Vitamin A based ingredient, removes any excess pigmentation already present in the skin, as well as removing wrinkles and rejuvenating it. The whole process exfoliates the skin, and the unique patented Deep Penetrating process allows the ingredients to work much deeper than any other skin peel. During a consultation the treatment will be tailored specifically to the needs and skin type of the customer who will then be put on a personalised 6-12 week course of Obagi Nu-Derm creams which contain the all-important tretinoin and hydroquinone ingredients. These will need to be applied about 5 times every morning and the same in the evening, including the application of an SPF cream. After a few weeks there will be a review, and at this point we will decide when the actual blue peel will take place. The Obagi Nu-Derm system itself can be so effective and often there is no need to actually proceed to the peel.
SKIN REJUVENATION Restylane Vital / Restylave Vital Light 
In the past it was possible to rejuvenate the face through plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures, but the problem was that the hands, décolletage and neck continued to age. The emergence of Restylane Vital has enabled the effective rejuvenation of the back of the hands, décolletage, face and the neck by replacing the lost hyaluronic acid and collagen, and hydrating from within. Restylane Vital is injected via a very small needle with very small deposits being placed deep in the skin throughout the area being treated. For optimal results, an initial course of 3 treatments at 4 week intervals is recommended. The treatment takes about 15-30 minutes, and is not very painful at all.
SCULPTRA is not filler, but a sculpting agent, filling depressions and removing wrinkles by promoting new collagen production in the skin. One of its greatest assets its ability to produce new collagen, that lasts much longer than some of the other treatments. Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid implant suitable for increasing the volume of depressed facial areas and particularly for correcting skin folds and depressions, wrinkles, scars, eye rings and for rejuvenating aging skin. It is also the treatment of choice for large volume corrections of the signs of facial fat loss commonly known as lipoatrophy. The results become apparent gradually as the collagen builds up, but having completed the usual course treatments, the results can last as long as 2 years. 


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