Vrsalovic Dental Studio is one of the most modern and professional dental offices in Croatia. We are located in Split – a Mediterranean city on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, centered around the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian and its bay and port.

Dr. Vesna Ivic-Rakun owns private dental practice since 1995. and has continually adopted latest technologies to offer better dental health to her patients.

A new equipped polyclinic with highly qualified staff and the most developed dental technology offers you to solve all problems with your teeth. We can offer you all dental services in one place.

Whitening is done with the lamp ZOOM 2 - The entire treatment lasts an hour - the teeth are up to eight shades lighter - long-lasting effect - little or no sensitivity - a safe procedure - time saving

Implants in our office are implanted in conjunction with surgery specialist in dental medicine. Implants are made by Swedish company Nobel Biocare, a leading company on the implant market. Implants and prosthetic components are the result of superior technology and they cover all prosthetic situatio

HealOzone - Device for dental treatment using ozone gas • No sanding • No pain • No use of anesthetics • No side effects • ideal for children (for deciduous and permanent teeth) • ideal for people who have a fear of dentists

Special attention is given to young patients, especially in the prevention and treatment of dental caries. For caries treatment we are using the latest technology with ozone gas without drilling and pain with the device HealOzone.

We do all types of prosthetic devices present on the world market (veeners, luminers, metal free ceramics, flexi dentures, etc). We implant in colaboration with a implantology specialist from Cologne.

Improper bite causes long-term teeth damage. The correct teeth position in the jaw and regular contacts ensure a steady transfer of power, which reduces the load on each tooth and extends their life.


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