Welcome to the newly renovated dental medicine clinic in Vrgorac where you can get hole dental care from tips to the implant in only one place. We are located in the city center on the main road Makarska - Metković.

Born in 1971. in Zagreb. 1995th graduated on the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, 2000. graded exam from oral surgery and defends his master thesis.Since 1995. until 2006. employed at the Clinic for Maxillofacial and Oral hospital.

Dr. Marko Zimmermann
1983. born in Rijeka
1998. Classical Salesian school in Rijeka
2009. graduates from School of dental medicine in Zagreb
2009-2010. internship
2010. works at „Zimmermann Dental“ Opatija

Dr. Ivan Zimmermann
1954. born in Volosko
1972. finishes medical school, as dental technician
1979. graduates form the School of Dental Medicine at the Medical Faculty in Rijeka
1979. Community health center in Lovran
1989. Private center in Lovran
1991. „Zimmermann Dental“ in Opatija Dukic, advisor, specialist in pediatric and preventive dentistry, university lecturer.

Nikolina Trupeljak, born 1978th in Zagreb. After graduating dental high school in 1997th, she enrolled in the School of Dentistry ending 2003rd year. Specialisation in oral surgery enrolled 2006th and ends with the 2009th year.

A dental implant is a titanium screw surgically embedded into the bone presenting substitute for the missing tooth root. Titanium or zirconia abutments is placed at the implant, which ensures a stable connection between the implant and prosthetic. On that comes crown, bridge or denture.

In the framework of Dental Clinics Trupeljak activities particular attention is dedicated to appearance and aesthetics of teeth. In the field of cosmetic dentistry, one of today's most popular procedures is teeth whitening.

Dental implantology is a scientifically based, clinically and experimentally verified and technologically improved multidisciplinary profession. It combines biology, biomechanics, surgery, prosthodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry and dental lab.

Teeth can be whiten in several ways, which are equally effective. Fast - more aggressive (zoom lamp) or a slower - less aggressive invasive material. Tooth whitening is not harmful to the teeth, does not damage or weaken the tooth enamel (bleaching tooth makes enamel stronger).


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