In our 40-ies, we sometimes start noticing fatigue on the face. If this tired appearance doesn’t disappear even after a longer period of rest, the cause of this can be found in sagging or swollen eyelids or in fatty pads that have suddenly appeared below the eyes.

Small symmetric ears, pressed close to the head contribute to the harmony of the face, as does a symmetrical nose. Ear deformation is a common aesthetic imperfection, which can easily be noticed even on a newborn child.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most elegant, sophisticated and, for a cosmetic surgeon, most demanding operations.
Opinion polls conducted on patients who have undergone rhinoplasty¸ mostly young people, show that after their operation they experience increased confidence and become more active.

Find your harmony, relax and enjoy the ambient designed in accordance with the needs of a modern person.

Laser surgical removal of a varicose veins - Laser sclerotherapy - endovenous laser vein therapy - varicose vein treatment

POLIKLINIKA MILOJEVIĆ also provides the most comprehensive, safe and trusted arrangements in plastic surgeries.

Poliklinika Milojević is very proud to offer the revolutionary technology of ultrasound liposuction - VASER lipo. The next generation in body contouring, VASER Lipo uses ultrasonic energy to selectively break apart fat deposits while preserving other important tissues.

Pearl Fractional is a new revolutionary, volumizing, fractional laser perfected for treating photo-damaged skin in just one treatment!

The effectiveness of CUTERA laser technology is also exhibited by the laser for hair removal – CUTERA. The CoolGlide Laser permanently and completely removes unwanted hair from the face and body.

Poliklinika Milojević opened the most modern laser center in Croatia, led by the revolutionary American laser technology - CUTERA. This advanced method, turns the clock back in a painless and effective way!