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•    Breast lift
•    Breast reduction
•    Male breast reduction
•    Abdomen liposuction
•    Legs liposuction
•    Abdominoplasty
•    Brahioplasty
•    Labioplasty

A dental implant is a titanium screw surgically embedded into the bone presenting substitute for the missing tooth root. Titanium or zirconia abutments is placed at the implant, which ensures a stable connection between the implant and prosthetic. On that comes crown, bridge or denture.

In the framework of Dental Clinics Trupeljak activities particular attention is dedicated to appearance and aesthetics of teeth. In the field of cosmetic dentistry, one of today's most popular procedures is teeth whitening.

Dental implantology is a scientifically based, clinically and experimentally verified and technologically improved multidisciplinary profession. It combines biology, biomechanics, surgery, prosthodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry and dental lab.

Teeth can be whiten in several ways, which are equally effective. Fast - more aggressive (zoom lamp) or a slower - less aggressive invasive material. Tooth whitening is not harmful to the teeth, does not damage or weaken the tooth enamel (bleaching tooth makes enamel stronger).

Preparation of zirconium ceramic crowns and veneers for the patients who seek superior quality, function and perfect esthetics. Interventions during the development of cover are not painful; they are adapted to the needs and wishes of patients and divided into several phases.

Did you know that your teeth can re-grow even in the third age? Or that you no longer have to grind two adjacent teeth to replace one missing? Or that your dentures has no longer to "walk" around your mouth every time you open them? All this is enabled by modern implantology.

Snoring and sleepiness doesn`t act as a serious problem, but many people think that because of that you don`t need a doctor's visit.

Years of drinking coffee, tea, red wine and enjoying a cigarette has left a mark on your teeth? Perhaps the reasons for discoloration of your teeth go way back to childhood, where you used antibiotics for neonatal jaundice, porphyria, etc.