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One of the world's most popular guide for travel,
Lonely Planet, has included Istria in second place of Top 10 regions
that are most desirable in the world to visit next year!
First on the list is the Egyptian Sinai.

Launching of the innovative Cromedicor platform has been recognized in international circles of medical and health tourism.

Croatian Tourism Days 2010 - the traditional gathering of tourism professionals who, at the end of season, analyse the results achieved and discuss and announce activities for the coming tourism year.

World Tourism Day is themed event which takes place 27th September each year. Its purpose is to promote awareness of the international community about the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values. Theme of this year's event is "Tourism and Biodiversity"

Want to learn about the undiscovered, untouched and almost surreal places in Croatia? Want to feel and experience Croatia and its Adriatic Sea as it once was? Be sure to see our Emmy-winning documentary film "WoW Croatia!

CroMedicor is a place which in a unique way connects the top medical institutions, their doctors and treatments with many tourist and other interesting content that Croatia offers to it's guests.


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